Three-dimensional Practical Teaching of Tourism Management Specialty in Local Colleges Based on Idea of Cooperative Innovation

Hongyan Zhang


It can be seen that it is of great practical significance to evaluate practice teaching of tourism management specialty. Tourism management professional ability training objectives that is mainly refers to develop the tourism, ecology, tourism economics, tourism planning and development, management of travel agencies, tour guides, hotel management and tourism scenic spot management expertise, has complete professional ability has a skilled job skills in tourism industry to cultivate specialized personnel with high quality. The new local colleges and universities as an important role in higher education, entrepreneurship education in the process of exploring the important role of the gradually emerging and to explore the development of the entrepreneurship education in new local colleges and universities will help to cultivate pioneering talents extensively. This paper analyzes the issue from the essential perspective that will improve the general quality of the education.


Three-dimensional, Practical Teaching, Tourism Management, Local Colleges


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