The Current Situation and Countermeasures of the Construction of Archives Talents in Colleges and Universities

Youming Zhu


Improving archives management, protecting and utilizing archives are a starting point and a point of strength of archives work in colleges and universities. The construction of talent team of archives in colleges and universities plays a vital role in the efficiency of archives work service in colleges and universities. However, at present, there are many real problems in talent team of archives in colleges and universities such as inadequate professional personnel, unreasonable structure, unsound team of part-time archivists and professional quality remained to be improved and so on. Against the real background that our country and the government attaches great importance to archives work and information technology in order to promote the reform in archives work effectively, colleges and universities should center on the government’s work, strengthen top-level design, intensify professional training, enhance scientific research and advance the quality of archives talent team in an all-dimensional way.


Archives management; Human resource management; countermeasure; Informatization


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