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Real-time Safety Assurance of High-speed EMU Train Components via SHM Technology Based on PZT Sensor Network



Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is an advanced technology which can inspect the integrity of structures in real-time and online by means of the integrated system of sensor, data collection device and algorithm. In order to accommodate the fast developed economic in China, the high-speed EMU train has attracted much attention during the past two decades. The combination of SHM technology and high speed EMU trains can not only extend the applying range of the SHM technology, but also enhance the real-time safety assurance of high-speed EMU trains. In this paper, a SHM technology based on PZT sensor network is explored to monitor the structural integrity of high-speed EMU train components. In order to justify the feasibility and reliability of the SHM technology under the operating conditions of high-speed EMU trains, several works were conducted: (1) Design of PZT sensor layout. (2) Wave propagation test; (3) Bench test; (4) Development of onboard SHM hardware and software; (5) Line test. Some essential achievements are obtained. Among these, in the bench test, fatigue cracks are found, positioned and evaluated, indicating that the SHM technology is sensitive for mini crack and is hopefully used to monitor defects in high-speed EMU train components. In the line test, the SHM system can operate smoothly and find a simulate defect, stating that the SHM technology is compatible with high speed EMU trains and can provide the real-time safety assurance..

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