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Novel Durable Biocomposites from Biobased PC/PLA Blend Matrix System

Manjusri Misra, Yury Yuryev and Amar K. Mohanty


High performance polycarbonate (PC) and poly(lactic acid) (PLA) blends were created using compatibilizer and impact modifier with the aid of commercially available industrial chain extender. Atomic Force Microscopy studies have shown that the additive phase concentrated exclusively in brittle PLA phase ensuring high efficiency of impact strength modification with relatively small amount of modifier in composites. The small amount of glass fiber loading allowed the new PC/PLA blend based composites to maintain excellent elongational properties and impact strength. It was found that PLA and PC phases form co-continuous morphology in blend allowing the blend reaching high heat resistance of over 130 ºC which can be further increased in glass fiber composites. A competitive mechanical property (as compared to commercial PC/ABS composites) as well as relatively low density makes new biocomposites suitable for wide range of structural and durable applications.

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