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Development of Finite Strain Shell Elements for Multi-Layered Fiber-Reinforced Materials Applied for Non-Rigid Parts Deformation during Assembly Process

Ngoc-Hung Vu, Vincent Francois, Jean-Christophe Cuilliere and Xuan-Tan Pham


Non-rigid parts in assembly process may have different shapes in a free state compared to the designed (nominal) model due to geometric variations, gravity loads and residual stresses. This may make the assembly process difficult, even impossible. For multi-layered fiberreinforced composite non-rigid parts, it becomes much more complex. Therefore, studying the material behavior of fiber-reinforced non-rigid parts during an assembly process is very important. This paper describes the development of a constitutive model for fiber-reinforced materials. An anisotropic hyperelastic material model with a polyconvex strain energy function was investigated and implemented in Abaqus as a user-defined material used with finite strain shell elements. An inverse characterization method was applied to identify the parameters of this material model based on experimental measurements.


Finite element method; Finite strain shell element; Anisotropic material model; Fiber-reinforced composites; Assembly process.

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