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Bullet Penetration into Wooden Targets



This paper will discuss normal projectile impacts on wood. Impact experiments have been performed using flat wooden targets with different physical properties. Materials of different hardness have been selected, viz. Douglas, European Pine, European Oak, Merbau, Bangkirai, and Azobe. Three different 9 mm projectiles are used, viz. Ball, Action NP and Ball Subsonic. Penetration depths of projectiles are determined using x-ray photography. The experimental data are analysed using both the Robins-Euler model and the Poncelet model. This implies that the resistance to penetration offered by the wood can be resolved using two physically interpretable components, viz. the contribution of inertial stresses and the dynamic strength of the material. The penetration depths of the projectiles are related to physical properties of the wood. The dynamic strength Rt derived from the models shows a good correlation with the Janka hardness of the wooden targets. Finally, future research is discussed.


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