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Reduced TiO2 Dependence in Both Water and Solventborne Architectural Coatings Using a Novel Opaque Polymer

Heather M. Eckenrode, David M. Fasano


As TiO2 prices increase and supply tightens, paint companies are looking for ways to reduce their TiO2 dependence. Using opaque polymer in new formulation spaces is one way to reduce TiO2 usage. The latest advancement in opaque polymer technology allows opaque polymers to be used in a new formulating space not accessible by traditional opaque polymers: solvent-borne architectural alkyds. The use of this novel opaque polymer in a solventborne architectural alkyd formulation will be discussed. In addition to the solventborne architectural alkyd formulating space, this novel opaque polymer can also be used in waterborne formulations. Its performance in waterborne formulations will be demonstrated to be similar to traditional opaque polymers.

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