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Advancements in Corrosion Protection: Waterborne Polyvinylidene Chloride (PVDC) Acrylic Emulsions for Metal Coatings

Jeffery Buchman, Raymond Hsu, David Boothe


As environmental concerns increase and technological advancements enable higher performance, the use of waterborne systems is growing. Waterborne Polyvinylidene Chloride (PVDCs) Acrylic Emulsions are ideal for preventing corrosion and rust on metal surfaces, and they can be formulated with low VOC content for environmental compliance. The barrier properties of PVDC films are equal to or better than chlorinated rubber films of equal thickness, and unlike acrylics, they have extremely low moisture vapor permeability to aid in rust prevention. The chlorine content in PVDCs provides fire retardant properties for use in highperformance applications. Advancements in waterborne systems allow the formulation of longer-life PVDCs with proven results in corrosion resistance and adhesion to a variety of metal substrates. Additionally, these formulations exhibit increased stability, humidity resistance and overall performance.

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