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Silicone Additives to Increase Solids and Lower VOCs in Solventborne Systems

Bob Ruckle, Tom Seung-Tong Cheung


Alkyl silicones have been found to be very effective at surface modification of oils and esters. By using a small amount of these alkyl silicones, the surface tension of these oils and esters can be lowered to 20–22 dynes/cm which is almost the same as silicone oil. We will investigate using these silicones in high solids solvent-borne systems hypothesizing that these alkyl silicones can lower the surface tension and viscosity of the coating, and allow for higher solids and lower VOCs. The type and chain length of alkyl silicone as well as the degree of the proprietary treatment of the alkyl silicones will be investigated to see how they affect the performance of the coating.

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