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Accelerating the Drying Time of Waterborne Coatings Using a Nanoparticle Additive

Steffen Pilotek, Klaus Steingröver, Marc Herold


The film formation process of 1-component waterborne formulations involves a sequence of water evaporation, setting, coalescence and further solidification. The length of this process determines when the coated substrate can be further processed or used. We have found that the time required to achieve a certain degree of drying can be significantly reduced using chemically active nanoparticles. We investigate the effect of an additive designed to increase cross linking in coatings on the drying time and early resistance properties of 1- component waterborne coatings. While the additive does not increase the evaporation rate of the water, it accelerates the development of performance characteristics of a coating which results overall in a faster drying process. We evaluate the effect of the additive on acrylic and alkyd emulsion systems. In alkyd emulsions, a synergistic effect with a cobalt drier is observed which allows the reduction of the amount of oxidative drier without negative effects on the hardness development.

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