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Nano-Structured Particles to Enhance Primer Performance Properties

Doris Simoes, Maria Nargiello, Günther Michael


With increased demands placed on water-based anti-corrosion primer coatings, formulators are continually searching for ways to improve performance. Anti-corrosion, suspension of heavy fillers and high film build are properties which are focused on to impart improved protection and stability in severe environments. SiO2 has been used for decades in numerous types of coating chemistries to enhance rheology of liquid systems with respect to thickening, anti-sag and suspension of pigments and fillers. Nano-structured based technology, whether as a powder or in a water-based dispersion, plays a critical role to improve these performance properties. This paper will address how modified nano-structured particles based on SiO2 are differentiated and modified to create specially tailored solutions to enhance the overall performance of water based primers.

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