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Statistical Design of Experiments for the Coatings Chemist

Richard A. Caldwell


Statistical design of experiments (DoE) is a very useful tool for the coatings formulator. It can be used for screening new raw materials, troubleshooting problems, and developing and optimizing new formulations for targeted performance. DoE can even be applied to developing and fine-tuning new and existing test methods. This paper will look at actual case studies from Forbo's vinyl acetate ethylene development and commercialization efforts. The types of designs include the basic factorial designs used in screening and zeroing in on performance. There are the simplest 2-level factorials, and the more complicated general factorials. When optimization is required, there are the mix designs and the combination (mix and factorial) designs.As a paint formulator begins to use DoE, there are pitfalls and common misconcvantages when — all from a paint formulator's point of view.

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