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Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibitor Performance in Aerospace Coatings

Eileen Kutscha, Heather Edwards, Randall Jahren, Patrick Kinlen, Joe Osborne


Performance evaluation of non-chromium corrosion inhibiting compounds incorporated into aerospace epoxy primers is a challenge. There is a lack of correlation between efficient analytical techniques and industry standard tests such as ASTM B 117 and in-service data. The goal of this project is to develop screening tools for characterization of corrosion inhibitor performance in a polymer matrix. Results will be presented showing the use of laser microscopy and optical interferometery imaging techniques to correlate pit morphology on coated 2XXX and 7XXX series aerospace aluminum alloys to corrosion inhibiting coating performance. In addition, a novel method will be introduced to track the retention of coating corrosion inhibiting properties over time.

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