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Sensor Reliability in Extreme Environments for Asset Monitoring



Asset monitoring is a critical factor for a wide variety of commercial assets where accidents due to structural usage, structural fatigue and impact damage are relatively common. Flexible multi-functional sensor layers can conformably distribute sensors over very large areas and enable availability of instantaneous information on the structural integrity of the asset, measure environmental conditions for optimum performance while adding minimal weight. Key factors in enabling reliable monitoring using the sensor layers are 1) Accurate and fast installation on platforms of any size and shape 2) Survival of the sensors in extreme environments that the asset is subjected to 3) Self-diagnostic capabilities to ensure accurate functioning of the sensors and 4) Low-cost of repair/replacement This paper will provide insights into new developments in the reliable usage of multifunctional sensor layers on assets in extreme environments in the field. Details on new methods developed to minimize installation time, protective coatings for survival, novel designs for low-cost installations, Mil-Std testing etc., will be discussed. Field testing conducted on installations in extreme environments faced by applications such as embedded pipelines, mines, aircraft etc. and related results will be presented.


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