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SHM using Integrated Photonics Based Fiber Sensing Solutions



Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) aims to give, at every moment during the life of a structure, a diagnosis of the “state” of the constituent materials, of the different parts, and of the full assembly of these parts constituting the structure as a whole. Current State of the Art Fiber Sensing solutions based on Photonic Integrated Circuit Technology are commercially emerging and developed towards innovative environmental compliant implementations such as for Aerospace. Miniature, solid state optical chip based modules are classifiable as high reliability components and of specific interest to environments that intrinsically subject to SHM activities. With these qualifiable solid state modules a versatility of applications can be supported through different markets. Aerospace calls for SHM capabilities in damage and impact detection, localization and identification, shape monitoring of morphing aircraft structures, high resolution distributed sensing of extreme dynamic load assessments of complex structures. The ability to combine a versatility of measurement capabilities (i.e. resolution and sample frequencies) proves an incredible appearance of applications that become possible that could not be addressed by conventional techniques. This paper addresses this potential of Integrated Photonics based fiber sensing systems for SHM capabilities for Aerospace, supporting the ever growing need for improving system performances, reduced costs and materials, and reduced system footprint, hence improving economic viability of things.


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