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NASA Prototype All Composite Tank Cryogenic Pressure Tests to Failure with Structural Health Monitoring



This paper will present results of pressurizing a 943 gallon all composite tank to failure filled with liquid nitrogen and using GN2 to pressurize the ullage. This test involved fairly limited sensor information consisting of pressure, surface temperature Thermocouples and strain gage information. A Health Monitoring Technology was also demonstrated utilizing the hammer impact modal method after some of the pressure steps. This tank failed at 330 psig after pressure steps of 140-330 psig This demonstration was a precursor for the KSC Planned Test till failure using a 450 gallon all-Composite Tank pressurized using gas in the tank filled with Liquid Nitrogen. Health monitoring technologies will be evaluated for effectiveness to detect insipient tank failure. This paper will report on the test plan, and initial results for no ullege pressure Liquid Nitrogen fills and 32 psig low pressures Hydrostat. The Test to Failure using LN2 is planned for summer of 2013 at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). The tank will be fully instrumented and access the ability of various Structural Health Monitoring Methods to predict incipient failure. The health monitoring partners include NASA MSFC, University of Central Florida (UCF) Department of Civil Engineering

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