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Dynamic Monitoring and Study of Shaft Rotating Deviation Error Using Developed MEMS Gyroscope-Based Sensing Module



This paper presents the development of a MEMS gyroscope-based sensing module and the experiments to test the sensing module in two different rotating mechanisms. The developed module has no wire connection for power supply and signal transmission, which avoids the wire twisting problem during spindle rotating test. The module is then firmly secured on an aluminum-made disk and a slender spindle driven by a servo motor to test the dynamic responses of the rotating mechanisms. For the first case, the angular velocities measured from the sensing module are verified the accuracy through the encoder readout of the driving motor. For the second case, the sensing signals are acquired when the spindle is driven with different speeds. A loading added on the front end of the spindle is also compared to the situation without a loading added. The experimental results are further analyzed and discussed to find the corresponding dynamic characterization of the tested spindle.

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