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Input Force Reconstruction Using Response Measurements

C.-H. LOH, T.-H. WU, Y.-Q. NI


Accurate estimation of input excitation forces acting on a structure is significant for designing, controlling and diagnosing a structural system. The study of the conventional inverse method is to de-convolve the matrix equation to produce an estimate of an input forces based on the structural response and the impulse response. In addition to the conventional inverse method, the Kalman filter based tracking approach has been studied and developed for the identification of input excitation forces due to its accurate estimation in the consideration of measurement noise and modeling error. In this study, the modified Kalman filter input force identification using state estimation is used. Verification of the proposed approach is conducted through experimental study by considering a beam-like structure subject to external loading. Finally, application f the proposed method to identify the earthquake excitation force on Canton tower during Burma earthquake.

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