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Comparative Assessment of Static and Dynamic Damage Identification Indices Based on Distributed Macro-Strain Responses



In this paper, a new method for damage assessment of reinforced concrete (RC) beams is presented. This method is based on static data measured with distributed long-gage macro-strain sensors. Based on static macro-strain, the static damage index independent of load is theoretically deducted considering the variations of neutral axis height and flexural rigidity. RC beam experiment was conducted to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method. The experimental results of a RC beam show that small crack initiation and propagation gradually induced by means of static load testing can also be identified. Meanwhile, damage indices using static and dynamic responses are compared and both of them are effective for damage identification of the beam structure. Therefore, distributed long-gage macro-strain sensing technique has great capacity for the damage assessment of the reinforced concrete structures.


Long-gage; Distributed; Macro-strain; Damage assessmentText

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