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The Need for Guidance on Integrating SHM Within Military Aircraft Systems



Since February 2009, an international Aerospace Industry Steering Committee (AISC) has been convened to develop guidelines for validating, qualifying and certifying SHM systems. Working within the G-11 division of SAE International, AISC has compiled guidelines for civil transport aircraft. Some of these guidelines can be used for military applications. However, military guidelines are needed to address specific military considerations including concept of operations. The military guidelines should also cover the wider spectrum of military aircraft types and should focus on the key elements required for integrating SHM within military systems. Therefore, a G-11 AISC Military Aircraft Working Group (MAWG) was formed to develop such guidelines. This paper describes the motivation, rationale, scope, milestones and initial work of MAWG. The results of the guidelines will form the future framework for the military community.

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