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Recent Advances in Industrial Big Data Analytics and Cyber-Physical Systems for High-speed Railway Transportation Systems



The running environment of high speed EMU (Electric Multiple Units) is complex and the electromagnetic interference is serious. Compared to electric type sensors, FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating) sensors have immunity to electromagnetic interference, less wiring and easy distributed networking features. FBG sensors are used for real-time temperature monitoring of EMU traction transformer and traction converter, and the abnormal temperature during operation cause alarm. Since the large temperature measuring points and the long monitoring time, the amount of recorded data is huge. Considering the real-time, integrity and maintainability of monitoring data, the data processing strategy for real-time storage, out of limit alarm, remote transmission and server data statistics and management is developed. ENLIGHT software is used for data acquisition, real-time storage and out of limit alarm of interrogator SM125. HUAWEI EM660 3G communication module and TeamViewer software are adopted to realize remote data transmission. In the receiving server, based on LabVIEW and Access database, the temperature history data analysis system is designed to realize the temperature data display, extreme values statistics and historical data query. The system is simple and reliable, which can be used in the long-term monitoring and data processing of FBG sensors.

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