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Research on Intelligent Train Running Gear Safety Monitoring Fusion Technology Based on Multi-Source Distributed Sensor Network



For the train in high-speed operation environment for a long time, the continuous and stable operation of its running parts is very important for the safe operation of the train. In view of the prominent coupling effect of various components of the running gear and the close relationship between wheel and rail, in order to comprehensively evaluate the running gear and track health status, it is necessary to combine the vehicle data (frame acceleration, car body acceleration, vibration, temperature, etc.) and ground data (acoustic, infrared images, etc.) for diagnosis. Therefore, this paper carries out the safety monitoring fusion technology of running gear based on multi-source heterogeneous data Surgical research. Aiming at the vehicle fusion technology, the functional fusion, logical fusion and physical fusion architecture of running gear monitoring system (bearing temperature, bearing vibration, frame acceleration, vehicle body acceleration, etc.) are proposed. The characteristics of different levels of data level, feature level and decision level in logical fusion are analyzed. Aiming at the vehicle ground integration technology, the vehicle ground integration architecture is proposed, which is divided into four levels: component level, system level, train level and ground level. The strategies of single vehicle ground fusion and train cluster vehicle ground integration based on on-board data and trackside data are proposed to meet the comprehensive diagnostic needs of different time and space, ensure the safe operation of trains and improve the intelligent level of trains.


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