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The Application of Cable Shielding Protection Technology in High-speed EMU Manufacturing Artwork



In recent years, China has came into the era of High-speed. In the High-speed EMU, the traction power is stronger, and the space distribution is wider, which also cause the facts that the internal electromagnetic environmental deteriorates seriously, data transmission errors may occur once the undesired signals disturb the weak current control and communication appliances inside, and finally threaten the safety running of High-speed EMU. Therefore, more strict requirements related to the telecommunication cables are put forward in the High-speed EMU manufacturing process. This paper, after carrying out lots of effective analysis on the generation and inhibition of the capacitive coupling noise, the inductive coupling noise and the electromagnetic wave around the electric wires, gives some examples and then introduces the working principle and application of the cable shielding protection technology to achieve the purpose of reducing the electromagnetic interferences.

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