Analysis on the International Situation and Evolution of Social Science Research—Taking Ethnicity Studies for Example

Jing-Qian TANG, Dan-Wen LIU


The aim of this study was to provide a method for social science researchers to analyze academic articles. By using WoS analysis function and knowledge mapping tool CitespaceIII, this paper carried out visualization analysis on ethnological study based on the published dada from 15 SSCI included ethnological research journals during 2000-2014, to provide a reference for ethnology research scholars. Through the key variables including annual distribution, country / area distribution, institution distribution, author distribution, research frontiers, knowledge base and evolution process, academic influence, from the perspective of quantitative and qualitative analysis, we revealed ethnological research of international research trend and mainland China ethnology's international status and existing problems. The results in this paper can help us to master the main topics of ethnological study, knowledge base and the evolution process, thus providing a reference for scholars of ethnology, and also aiding in the enhancement of internationalization level of ethnological research in mainland China.


Ethnicity studies, SSCI, Document, Mapping Knowledge Domain


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