The Sword Fighting Fairy Tale—to Explore the Impact of Violent Films on Juveniles with the Case Study of “Young and Dangerous” Series

Dong LI, Zhi-Hai YE


As the cultural products combining business and arts together, violent films represent a kind of non-mainstream subculture different from the mainstream culture, whether in content or forms, they are very attractive to the underage audience and young audience. The series of “Young and Dangerous” released in HK in 1996 became popular all over the country in the next period of time. The film was full of underworld violence and transformed the bloody and cruel struggle of gangland power into the brotherhood with much justice and the courage to love and hate. For young people who have not formed their worldviews and values, the typical adolescent rebellion and impulse are much easier to lead them to imitate the behaviors of violence, so as to form a large stream of unhealthy subculture consciousness and cause great impact on the young people’s world view and view of life. Such consciousness and violence characteristics fit with the impulses of young people themselves and become the incentive for young people to imitate the violent behaviors.


violent behavior, imitate, Young and Dangerous


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