On “Credit Bank” Mechanism in Modern Vocational Education System

Cun-Tian DONG, Wen-Shu BAO, Qin-Mei YU


The advent of knowledge-based society makes higher education accessible to the public to meet their requirements for equal opportunities and diversity. “Credit bank” mechanism can be adopted to link vocation and education, vocational training and school teaching, higher education and education of other forms and thus enable students to face up to vocational challenges and keep pace with the industry. With course selection as its core, “credit bank” mechanism uses the functions and characteristics of banks for reference to realize functions like credit storage, exchange, loan and converting and makes it possible for students to choose freely learning content, paces, locations and methods and finish studies anytime and anywhere. The innovation of development credit and integrated grade point, conversion of limited storage quota to unlimited one and implementation of elastic credit system provide students with chances of getting high grade points in obligatory courses and development credits, allowing some to be ordinary while stimulating others to be excellent, and thus achieving variable cultivation. However, the implementation of “credit bank” mechanism requires large-scale reforms of traditional education model to motivate teachers’ enthusiasm, stimulate students’ initiatives, solve management problems, overcome resource limitations and win the credibility test.


“Credit bank”, modern vocational education system, variable cultivation, development credit, integrated grade point


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