A Study on Schoolwork Management of Engineering Specialties in the Vocational Education System

Xiao-Ying DONG, Cun-Tian DONG, Shi-Cun LI


Engineering specialties are faced with such requirements as industry upgrading, higher technical threshold, job mobility, and career development. It has become a must for us to identify and analyze the educated with different schoolwork backgrounds, so as to carry out education with clearer targets. The gist for schoolwork programming of engineering specialties is the “Solid Pagoda” vocational ability training system, with which we encourage the pursuit of excellence, practice classified cultivation, and advocate lifelong study. In terms of schoolwork standards, these ideas can be specified as the following: steeling of skill-training courses, instrumentalizing of theoretical courses, programing of practical courses, flexiblizing of general knowledge on culture and science courses. The innovation of credit bank mechanism is a path to the innovation of schoolwork management system in modern vocational education system. Under this mechanism, we can realize the openness of credit resources, expansiveness of credit storage, flexibility of credit exchange, and incentive of credit counting in schoolwork evaluation.


engineering specialties; modern vocational education system; schoolwork management


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