Efficiency Evaluation on the Application of Internet Plus in College Teaching Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process and Multiple Linear Regression

Liu-Yin ZHAO, Han HUANG, Zi-Jie GUAN, Hong-Yu WANG, Jing-Dong ZHANG, Mao-Sheng LIU, Fei LI, Chao-Yang LIU


In the background of Internet Plus, the construction of digital campus has been constantly advanced. The traditional Higher-Education industry is seeking new breakthrough in the aspect of classroom teaching. According to the analysis of Network-based classroom status around the world and the survey of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, this study proposed a new strategy that using the mobile Internet technology named Internet Plus into classroom to improve the quality of classroom teaching in order to design and implementation of “Synchronous E-test System”. Moreover, this study combined with the practice situations of the system, and used AHP method and multiple regression analysis to demonstrate the applicability and effectiveness of the system.


Internet Plus, Network-based classroom teaching, AHP, Multiple regression analysis


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