The Lack and Construction of Teaching Communication in Physical Education in Colleges and Universities

Fei Dai, Beilei Chen


Teachers and students are the two main subjects which are indispensable in the teaching activities. Their communication is the most basic activity in the whole teaching activities. The social economy in our country is developing and changing constantly, and the teaching reform has been changed, and it has been well developed. Physical education is a very important component in the teaching structure of colleges and universities, and the teaching of physical education has been highly concerned by people. But in the sports teaching practice, influenced by traditional teaching ideas and teaching skills, communication of PE Teaching in colleges and universities appeared unilateral and simple phenomenon, directly affect the quality and efficiency of teaching. We should figure out how to avoid the lack of teaching communication in college physical education, in order to make the relationship between teachers and students, students and students more harmonious, and promote the improvement of the efficiency of sports teaching. This article mainly focus on the teaching concept, we discuss and analyze the problems and reasons in the teaching of physical education in colleges and universities and put forward a new sports teaching communication construction strategy, the purpose is to provide some support and help to the university physical education teaching activities.


Physical education in Universities, Teaching communication, deficiency, Construction strategy


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