Analysis on the Incentive Effect of Occupational Pension in the Human Resource Strategy of Private University

Guoling Li


Occupational pension can play an active role in the management of human resources at the present stage, and has the good effect. As a human resource strategy, the active application of occupational pension in private universities can effectively improve the traditional salary management work, promote the salary management work smoothly, and provide effective conditions for human resource assessment. In private university human resources strategy, the positive application of occupational pension, need to continue to play its incentive function and effect, to attract more excellent teachers to participate in school construction, to improve the overall teaching achievements. This paper mainly starts with the connotation and the definition of occupational pension, introduces and analyzes the relevant situation of occupational pension comprehensively, and gives a detailed description of the incentive effect of occupational pension in the human resource strategy of private universities.


Private University; Human Resources; Strategy; Occupational Pension; Incentive Effect


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