Conclusion Social Statistics Some Explanatory Contradictory Problems in the Dialysis

Wu-Xuan LI, Gen-Yao FAN, Shu-Hong REN, Ying-Yan LI


In daily life, we often encounter some conclusions with characteristics of statistics, let people doubt even worry about social stability, one of the important reason is ignored a deep-seated problems in statistics, statistical conclusion itself is not necessarily true, right, in fact, statistical inference conclusion often answer is that the characteristics of the sample indexes corresponding indicators are consistent with the overall problem, rather than answer questions of right and wrong, it can not be completely sure of the conclusion to the negative, it is not give people this is the problem. This article attempts through a simple example of "defects" in this position, defend this will be the development of statistics is a blow or an innovation, peer experts looking for further discussion.


Sociology, Political science, Statistical conclusions, the actual conclusions, Contradiction dialysis.


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