A Study on the Relationship between Customer Participation and Employee Service Innovation Behavior

Chao LIN, Lu MA


The research object of this paper is the 320 first line employees of the major commercial banks in Guangxi. This article uses the literature reading method and the questionnaire survey to explore the relationship between customer participation and employee service innovation behavior. The research results show that three dimensions of customer participation have a extraordinary positive correlation to employee service innovation behavior, which are information provision, interpersonal interaction and cooperative behavior; Individual learning ability has positive moderating effect on the relationship between interpersonal interaction and employee service innovation behavior, has weak positive moderating effect on information provision and employee service innovation behavior, has no positive moderating effect on cooperative behavior and employee service innovation behavior. The empirical study of this paper improves the understanding of employee service innovation, deepen the micro level of employee service innovation behavior, and guide the direction of commercial banks to strengthen employee service innovation behavior.


Customer participation, Employee service innovation behavior, Individual learning ability


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