Exploration and Practice on the Construction of Majors of National Grade—A Case Study of Agricultural Resources and Environment in Huazhong Agricultural University

Zhen LIU, Qiao-Yun HUANG, Guo-An LV, Zhu-Qin ZHAO, Fan LIU


This paper elaborates upon several approaches to strengthening special majors of national grade. It concludes five approaches: we should put personnel training as the main task to innovate training modes and highlight university characteristics; take discipline construction as a leader to drive the development of special majors; regard teaching materials compilation as a basis to enhance the quality of special majors; put practice base construction as a platform to strengthen teaching practice and promote characteristics; put teaching team building as a focus to lead faculty building, promote teaching team to improve faculty quality and protect major construction and put scientific research as a support to expand the contents of special majors. Specific strategies and measures for the construction of special majors of national grade are also discussed, focusing particularly on the experience of the major construction of Agricultural Resources and Environment in Huazhong agricultural university.


Agricultural Resources and Environment; Special Majors; Construction; Exploration; Practice


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