Spatial Dimension Analysis based on Real-time Signal: Safety Evaluation Improvement of Pipeline and Pump System

Ji-Xin ZHANG, Jian KANG, Jia-Bao LUO, Lang BU, Ji GAN, Jia-Cun GAO


This paper, describing a pipeline and pump system (PPS) as a set of interconnected network with real-time signal updating, presents a spatial dimension analysis (SDA). It is conceived as a scheme that pumps and pipelines run involving a firm relationship between each other, specially, in problems where detecting the precise status of abnormal changes is the main goal. Negative Pressure Wave method based on logical inference is applied to extract abnormal signals captured from the supervisory control and data acquisition. We use Local Mean Decomposition combined with Cubic B-Spline Interpolation (CLMD) to reduce the singular points of the instantaneous frequency avoiding spectrum distortions. SDA can determine the trend of the system and be applied to achieve better estimation accuracy of state variables.


Partial Dimension Analysis, Real-Time Signal, Safety Evaluation, Pipeline and Pump System.


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