Study on the Feedback Mechanism of Urbanization Investment and Financing Effect in Guizhou Province

Cheng-Gang LI, Xiao-Liang LIU, Ming-Guo ZHANG, Ling-Yun LUO, Yan-Dan XUE, Wu-Lin ZHANG, Ke XU


The mechanism feedback of urbanization construction investment and financing effect can help improve the decision-making level of urbanization investment and financing, and improve the efficiency of investment and financing. Taking Guizhou Province as an example, using the principles of feedback control theory, this paper designs the feedback mechanism, the feedback system and the flow chart of urbanization investment and financing effect of Guizhou Province, and illustrates how to use the feedback mechanism. Furthermore, this paper proposes countermeasures to improve the feedback mechanism of urbanization investment and financing effect of Guizhou Province.


Urbanization, Investment and Financing, Feedback Mechanism.


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