Study on the Relationship between the Team Boundary Work and Team Performance—Based on the Moderating Effect of Boundaryless Mindset

Xiao-Qiang MA, Shi-Pan YANG


Team performance is an important indicator of organization development and management practice. But team boundary work is an important factor that affects the achievement of team performance. How to play the positive role of team boundary work on team performance has always been a difficult problem in research and management practice .This paper focuses on team management practice in the perspective of boundaryless mindset. It takes 104 teams as the research objects and studies the relationship between team boundary work and team performance. Through empirical studies, the results indicate that the relationship between team boundary work and team performance is positive. Besides, the boundaryless mindset has a moderating effect on team performance in the two dimensions of the team boundary work. Therefore, this paper enriches the studies on team boundary work and it also provides enlightenment and guidance in the application of the boundaryless mindset in the practices of team management.


Team Performance, Teamboundary, Work Boundaryless Mindset, Moderating Effect.


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