Application of Web Data Mining in Jiangxi Tungsten Industry Technology Foresight Process

Ling XU, Yang-Yi LI, Xiao-Hai QIN, Jun LIU, Xun-Yang FENG


When the trend of economic integration of science and technology is becoming more and more obvious, science and technology activities are increasingly becoming the decisive force of economic and social development. Use of information technology to tap the potential of technology hot spots for the industry to provide a favorable basis for decision making has become a topic of concern to the industry. This paper will take the Jiangxi tungsten industry as the research object, the use of the Web data mining methods to collect, sort out related data, as the industry's technology foreseen to develop more effective alternative technical list, make a decision for the relevant enterprises and institutions to provide effective basis.


Web Data Mining, Tungsten Industry, Technology Foresight, Alternative Technologies.


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