Research on the Developmental Trend of China's Real Estate Economy under Background of Transformation of Real Estate and Inventory

Chun-Zi MA


In this paper, we conduct research on the developmental trend of the China's real estate economy under background of transformation of real estate and inventory. Real estate transition refers to the real estate industry development direction, development and operation mode and change the way of the allocation of resources that is the key factor in real estate industry matures, marks the real estate industry into a new stage of development. Along with our country economy enters the new normal, the economic growth is slowing, the real estate market supply and demand in the event of a major change, real estate sales area of cumulative year-on-year growth trend decline, real estate stocks continue to increase, shows that China's real estate market overall supply is greater than the effective demand and the supply and that demand imbalance in regional difference is bigger and bigger. This paper combines the state-of-the-art perspectives to propose the new idea of dealing with this issue that will further solve the proposed the challenge.


Developmental Trend, Real Estate Economy, Transformation, Inventory.


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