The Research of the Mass Media Cultural in Characteristics and Development

Jiao Lei


The mass media cultural that it developed to the advertisement. This year, we studied in the mass media cultural by the various of media cultural. We knew that people gained the information from the history of broadcasting, newspaper and television then computer. We saw that the internet cultural is a kind of changeable multi-progress. We learned a lot but the development of advertising leave deep impression to me, let me explain below the development history of advertising. Human revolution for the first time the agricultural revolution, because the agricultural revolution happened earlier, China became one of the world's four major ancient civilization, the Chinese five thousand years civilization stroll in the agricultural society, almost all the self-sufficient natural economy in agricultural society undoubtedly dominant from beginning to end. Although so, we have to admit, the division of Labour is the exchange, the exchange is the commodity, so agricultural society also has the element of commodity economy, thus producing the various forms of advertising "green shoots". Advertising "green shoots" is different from the modern advertisement, but contain the modern advertising and the function, the basic purpose of spreading information, advertising goods. Modern advertising is the advertisement in "green shoots" developed on the basis of, adopted a new means and tools, only injected new content.


the mass media culture, broadcasting, newspaper, website


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