Modeling for Food Safety Risk Assessment and Control Based on FTA

Xiaoyan Tang, Ke Li


In order to explore weak link in food chain, and control safety risk of food, a new risk safety analysis method based on Fault Tree Analysis were worked out. Firstly, a model was built for relationship between risk factors and risk events based on Fault tree. Then, the probability of food safety risk has been calculated through minimal cut sets and food safety risk level was assessed. Finally, importance analysis was used to find sensitive risk factors based on critical importance index, and to provide theoretical basis for optimization of food safety control sequence. Pork food safety from 2009 to 2014 in china was taken as an example, the results show that probability of food safety risk is 2.24%, poor regulation, unqualified raw materials, sales of unqualified products, and abuse of additives were key factors.


Food safety; Risk assessment; FTA


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