The Analysis of the Present Situation of the Service for the People in the Private Colleges and Universities Under the Background of Fitness China

Fei Dai, Beilei Chen


"Healthy China" as the proposed development of China's current physical education has given new meaning, but also to our country's private colleges and universities put forward the requirements of the times. As an important part of China's higher education, the private colleges and universities should take the initiative to assume their responsibilities in building a harmonious society. Sports fitness in private colleges and universities has important significance in cultivating students' sports consciousness and carrying out the national fitness. It is an important force to promote the national fitness. But the managed by the people university's sports fitness also has the teaching the establishment obsoletely, lacks the enough government to support, the sports constructs the body equipment comparatively backward and so on the limitations, urgent must have to carry on the managed by the people university sports fitness reform, from the expanded policy support, the fund channel, enhances the teaching standard, the optimized sports fitness environment and so on the various aspects diligently.


Fitness China, Private Colleges, National Fitness, Current Situation


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