The Influence of Organizational Learning Strategies on the Affective Commitment of Employees in the Retailing Enterprises

Xue Deng, Jingjing Su


Taking the retail enterprise’s employees as the research object, this paper explores the impact of organizational learning strategies on the affective commitment of employees. The organizational learning strategies are the open mind, sharing the vision and learning commitment. Through analyzing the existing literature, the theoretical model of learning strategies and affective commitment is constructed. And then it used SPSS17.0 and AMOS17.0 to analyze the data of 330 employees of the enterprise. The analyses include the research data analysis, exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling. Through empirical research, we draw the conclusion: the open mind, sharing vision and learning commitment have a significant impact on the affective commitment of the employees, and the influence degree is different.


Retailing enterprise, Organizational learning strategy, Affective commitment


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