The Significance of Early English Version Sinological Periodicals in the Overseas Transmission of Chinese Language

Huanhai Fang, Fangfang Qin, Ling Shen


The transmission of early Chinese language and the interpretation of characteristics of the Chinese language from westerners is an academic field which requires the involvement of multidiscipline. It is based on the whole background of Chinese cultural transmission meanwhile the transmission of Chinese language is the precursor of cultural transmission. The research not only offers historical reference of early Chinese language transmission experience but also illuminates the historical gains and losses of Chinese language transmission. Thus, the English periodicals of sinology is not only the main route for transmitting knowledge concerning China and building the image of China , but also the core carrier for western public to understand the knowledge of Chinese society in an all round way. Among all these, not only the cognition of Chinese language and knowledge framework conform to intrinsic characteristics and laws of linguistic, the overseas transmission and research of Chinese language also has country-specific and contextualization differences, which has distinctive value to the research of the history of international Chinese education.


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