Reflections on Higher Education Responsibility under the Background of Education Specialization

Haimin Cao, Fei Meng, Liqing Chu, Peidong Gou, Ping Guan


The important sign of the development of higher education quality is professional development. How to improve the professional level of higher education become an important task of higher education responsibility. In our country, under the situation of the educational responsibility to meet the needs of economic and social development, how to understand the necessity of the development of education responsibility is a problem we need to figure out, and this paper analyzes the social development of the concept of educational responsibility and the level of education and the improvement of the level of education and reform. Based on the thinking way of educational responsibility in the reform of teaching quality for universities, the development strategy of educational responsibility under the background of education specialization is discussed.


Teaching; Specialization; Teaching Responsibility; Educational; Value


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