The Analysis About the Dominant Position Change of China in International Scientific Collaboration

Jun-peng YUAN, Xiao-xu YUE, Yun-tao PAN, Cheng SU, Ji-ping Gao, Guo-hua JIANG


Using 2004-2013 SCI papers, compared with India and Japan, we analyze the dominant position changes of China from the overall and collaboration with USA or Europe (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy) two aspects. Then we compare the dominant position changes of China in all categories based on ESI subject classification system. Accordingly, we found that, the China’s DRs all are always above 50% in the recently ten years in the overall and ICRs of Japan and India began decrease, but China’s is still increasing from 2008 and China both have the strong dominant position in collaboration with USA or Europe and China’s DR in each subject is increasing in the whole, except Space Science.


International scientific collaboration, Dominant position, SCI, Scientometrics.


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