A Teaching Content Design of Embedded System in Accordance with the Characteristics of the Computer Science

Wei-gong LV, Ce ZHANG, Zhi-peng CHEN, Xin-sheng WANG, Jun BAI


Embedded system is developing rapidly, and the embedded system course is becoming a standard teaching configuration for both electronic and computer majors at home and abroad. Aimed at computer science, this article analyzes each knowledge point of embedded system course from the definition and composition of embedded system, on the basis of the relevant knowledge system, and finally gives a design of teaching content for embedded system. This teaching content emphasizes the function of the embedded operating system, which separates from the single chip microcomputer system and excludes the situation that the application and operating system are integrated together. The embedded hardware teaching emphasizes the design of hardware platform based on embedded processor and focus on the overall design ideas and framework design. And the teaching of embedded software system discusses the development environment for embedded operating system and the driver system design based on embedded operating system as well as GUI, and PMD, in order to further standardize the teaching of embedded system in computer science and to cultivate the talents of embedded system which are more in line with the needs of the society.


Embedded processor, Embedded operating system, Embedded GUI, PMD.


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