Art Heritage Treasures- "The Research on the Color of Chinese Painting"

Liang GUO


The color of Chinese painting has the unique features and effects. Ancient artists accumulated rich experience on how to use the colors, but there were only a little fragments left in the recorded books. There was no works on systematic theory introduction of the color of the Chinese painting and even some materials were lost. We didn’t have the comprehensive and systematic theory works about the color of Chinese painting until the book on " the color of Chinese painting research" was published, and there is no doubt that the book is helpful in understanding the tradition of the at great length. We can get a comprehensive understanding of the constitution of the color of Chinese painting, the systematical use of color and traditional craft methods, which is significant for accepting and carrying forward the legacy of our art. And meanwhile it is a successful combination of old and new, traditional colors and modern industrial production, providing more effective support and protection for the development of Chinese art.


The color of Chinese painting, Strong coloring, Feige Yu.


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