A Scheme of Project-Based Learning in Programming Course

Chi-song LI, Min JIANG


The traditional teaching scheme of programming curriculum is teacher-centred, which is not a good situation to arouse students' learning initiative. Teachers are lack of effective management on students’ learning process, so evaluation of students’ learning outcomes is one-sided. "Projectbased learning" is a learner-centred teaching model. This paper discusses how to apply "project-based learning" on the teaching of Programming in C++. The exploration shows that "project-based learning" can help teachers arranging course contents, establishing the relationship of knowledge, then, the process of teaching can deal with students of different abilities and study policies, and students' learning initiative can be highly stimulated. Some data contain test scores and investigation results are provided to show the effect of the scheme which makes up for the defects of the traditional teaching method of programming courses, improving the teaching quality.


Project-Based Learning, Teaching Methodology, Programming in C++.


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