Research on Undergraduate Course Teaching Mode Based on Web Technology

Xue LI, Qing-jie ZHU, Yan-feng HE


With the rapid development and popularization of Web technology, combined with deepening education reform, the traditional teacher-centered teaching mode is no longer adapt to the requirement of innovation talents training strategy. Therefore, the only way to keep up with the trend of the contemporary education reform is to break the traditional teaching mode and to realize the change of learning style. In recent years, under the guidance of advanced scientific theory, a new teaching model which can give play to the role of teachers' guidance and also highlight the subject of students, has been gradually mature. Under the influence of this model, the teachers’ role change from imparter of knowledge to conductor, coordinator and facilitator in students’ construct meaning, besides, this new teaching model puts the students as the subjects of teaching and attaches importance to students' dominant role, thus to cultivate the students' subject consciousness accordingly.


Web technology, Teaching mode, Constructivism.


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