Zen Case Laopo Xinqie and Bi Yan Book’s Teaching Style

Jia-hua JANG


Yuanwu Keqin’s ten volume of Bi Yan book, was looked as the first book of Zen. Essentially, the main content of this book is based on the words Zen teaching students to obtain the truth, the highest truth, so as to achieve their inner transcendence. For the training style in Bi Yan Book, has a large number of dialects, which is different from the traditional classics are good at explaining the concepts of the clear and rich logic. Masters used to these dialects teach their students, so that students felled very kind. The teaching words Laopo and Laopo Xinqie appear frequently in Bi Yan book, that is one of the most direct manifestation of teaching characteristics of Zen. So, in this paper, I will use the Bi Yan book as a reference text, to discussion the teaching style of Laopo Zen in the book, from a smaller angle in the Zen text and other works of Zen to research some teaching method of Buddhist.


Laopo xinqie, Zen, Bi yan, Teaching style.


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